west palm beach
by will oldham
(from Gulf Shores 7" and The Mountain ep)

i cant get the sand out of my shoes
being in florida has done a number on my blues
just the way the women walk round' here
well its plain to see the way the sand and sea
have done a nubmer on me

and the sky is threatening black and gray
and the sun's a festering red
and her head is claiming her stats, <=- huh?
she had risen from bed
so breakfast, again
delayed postponed i wont be fed

the surf has swallowed him up, hes a memory now
the water is warmer then it has been for weeks
grandma lives just down the road
she making supper for me tonight
she's been nice to me since '73
when he son lost his life

and now his ghost is a rising host
above the blinding blur
i would have assume some maid would swoom
and his soul would capture her
hes still a fine kid,
what with all that he did,
hes a fan of mine

i wasnt planning to spend so long in town
but the break in the weather has got the partner down
she wont get out, she shotgun
seems shes sown to the seat
its a dirty old trick that i'm yet to lick
and she's yet to beat.
and you can see it in her eyes
she was born unwise
she was born for me
and she morns too long
ill know something is wrong
and Ill leave her be
i can see it in his shoes,
he was born to lose
he was born for me

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