Smog discography

Sewn to the Sky LP Drag City DC74
Forgotten Foundation LP Drag City DC13
Julius Caesar LP Drag City DC31
Burning Kingdom LP Drag City DC41
Wild Love LP Drag City DC60
Kicking a Couple Around EP Drag City DC81
The Doctor Came at Dawn LP Drag City DC95
Red Apple Falls LP Drag City DC116
Knock Knock LP Drag City DC166
Dongs of Sevotion LP Drag City DC169
Macrame Gunplay cassette 1988
Cow cassette 1989
A Table Setting cassette 1990
Tired Tape Machine cassette 1990
"My Shell" / "Astronaut" split w/ Suckdog 7" #1hits
"Floating" 7" EP Drag City DC6
"A Hit" / "Wine Stained Lips" 7" Drag City DC38
"Came Blue" / "Spanish Moss" 7" Hausmuzik
"Ex-con" / "Just Like Napoleon" 7" Domino 058
(same as 7" plus:) "Little Girl Shoes" "Duckpond Blues" CD5
"Held" / "Cold Blooded Old Times" (acoustic) 7" Drag City 166
"Look Now" / "The Only Mother" 7" / CD5 Drag City 167
"Manta Rays of Time" EP Spunk Records (Australia)
tracks: "Real Live Dress" / "Pure sunshine" / "Bored Bayou"

The Hey Drag City compilation (DC95) includes the song "Your Face".
The Drag City Hour (SN2) features a live version of "This Insane Cop" and "Just Like Napoleon".
Half Cocked soundtrack Matador OLE-152. The LP issue includes "37 Push-ups."
Swing Set compilation 7" Shrimper SHR704 features "Your Dress."
Rocks Stars Kill complilation Kill Rock Stars KRS-221. An electric version of "37 Push-ups."
This Means War complilation (Japan) Toy's Factory TFCK-88784 contains "A Hit."

Other tracks featuring Bill Callahan:

The Sundowners - "Goat Songs" 7" - Sea Note SN4
    Bill Callahan along with some of the Palace folk.
The Sundowners - "The Girl with the Thing in Her Hair" / "The Summer Song" 7" - Sea Note SN5
    Basically Bill Callahan doing his thing.
Untitled - Untitled - Drag City DC73
    Cynthia Dall project features Bill as well as Jim O'Rourke.

Also check out this fine japanese discography, which features performer listings. It is likely to be more up to date than this one.