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Burning Kingdom
It gets so personal and strange it can be painful to listen to.

Julius Caesar
Bill is the guy with the mousy hair who sits in his room reading Phillip K. Dick novels and masturbating.

Wild Love
...delivers me from drudgery with a cello of centuries-old remorse, sometimes wise and witty parables, and a willingness to turn a discordant phrase. What planet is this guy on? de diepst-snijdende en de mooiste verklanking van triestheid en wanhoop, die we in tijden gehoord hebben.

Kicking a Couple Around
...captures the quiet desparation of faded love with more stunning accuracy than that of any other break-up song in recent musical history. Not fun, not nice, but riveting nonetheless.

The Doctor Came at Dawn
In Callahan's cosmos the word 'emotional' is always an understatement. ...Callahan approaches his material like a mad scientist, building dirge edifices to house his bleak journal. ...perhaps his most exquisitely depressing collection of dirges to date. More songs of depressed observation & violation that are all too stark. ...shaping up to be the latest contender in the grand American miserablist stakes... ..make you want to sing along -- or at least weep in time. Another bravura performance.

Red Apple Falls
The plaintive, minimalist, unrepentantly poetic music of Smog has hit new heights (or depths?).... ...a darkly beautiful album, suspended in time....

Knock Knock
..the new Morrissey-Beck...

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