Smog news

Check out the schedule for the European dates in May.

A new album will be out in April called Dongs of Sevotion[sic]. In the US, it will be on Drag City, number DC169, available in CD and 2xLP format.

Drag City has a nice Smog info page, including tour info and a discography.

Check out dates for the current Smog tour!

Drag City 166 - "Held" / "Cold Blooded Old Times" 7" is out.
Acoustic versions of songs to appear in alternate form on the "Knock Knock" album.

From the Touch&Go catalog:

DC161 SMOG "Knock Knock": Who's there? Why, it's Bill Callahan, the super-sexy space cowboy, driving through the front of your house again. Bill is staking out some new territory here, with the only familiar thing about Knock Knock being the now-familiar Smog sensation of being somehow completely unfamiliar.

A new Smog a album is scheduled for release in January, to be entitled "Knock Knock". Once again to be produced by Jim O'Rourke.

Smog is opening for Royal Trux at Lounge Ax in Chicago on October 10.

Added live dates for Australia and New Zealand:

New live dates:

4 - New York, NY - Tramp's (CMJ festival)
14 - Munich, Germany - Substanz
15 - Frankfurt - KOZ "Meet Your Superstar" festival
16 - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique
17 - Lille, France
18 - Nantes, France
19 - Bordeaux, France
20 - Montpellier
21 - Lyon, France - Pezner
23 - Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie (w/ David Grubbs)
24 - Paris, France - L'Arapaho (w/ David Grubbs)
25 - Haarlem, Netherlands - Patronaat (w/ David Grubbs)
27 - Berlin, Germany - Knaack (w/ David Grubbs)
28 - Hamburg, Germany - Prinzenbar (w/ David Grubbs)
1 - Stockholm, Sweden - Studion
2 - Oslo, Norway
3 - Trondheim, Norway

Updated tour schedule:

13-Cambridge, MA- Middle East       (w/ USA)
14-New York, NY- Knitting Factory   (w/ Cat Power / USA)
15-Philadelphia, PA- Silk City      (w/ USA)
17-Charlottesville, VA- Tokyo Rose
18-Carrboro, NC- Cat's Cradle       (w/ Portastatic)
19-Atlanta, GA- Smith Olde Bar      (w/ Grace Braun of DQE)
20-New Orleans, LA- Mermaid Lounge
21-Austin, TX- Electric Lounge 
23-Albuquerque, NM- Dingo Bar       (w/ Retsin)
24-Tempe, AZ- Stinkweed's Records   (w/ Retsin)
26-Los Angeles, CA- Spaceland       (w/ Refrigerator)
27-San Francisco, CA- Great American Music Hall (w/ Retsin, Track Star)

Smog live! Dates I know are June 8 at the Lounge Ax in Chicago w/ Edith Frost, and June 27 at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. If you know the full tour schedule tell me.

Red Apple Falls is out as Drag City DC116 / Inspirational INS001

The new album Red Apple Falls (Drag City DC116) is scheduled to come out May 20.